Who we are?

Welcome to Baby French Bulldog! We are a home-based breeder of French bulldog puppies, located in Leonard,North Dakota, USA. We started our family breeding program because we love dogs and wanted to help others enjoy the incredible influence that a playful Frenchie can have in your life, just like we did. We service buyers here in North Dakota and the surrounding areas, but we also work with clients in the rest of United States and Canada, so no matter where you live, we will bring the puppy to you directly.

Dogs are a massive part of our lives, and we are grateful for their love. Being a home breeding service, this gives us time to create a bond and personally care for all the puppies. They are pampered and watched over always. The joy that these pups bring to our lives is immense, and we here at Baby French Bulldog hope that you and your family get the opportunity to experience this level of cuteness.

We love owning our small in-home breeding program and more than anything, and we love how amazing French bulldogs are. We have always been dog lovers, but our story starts when our children were diagnosed with ADHD and low-grade autism. Interacting with animals is of tremendous help in the management of these conditions, so we decided to welcome a Frenchie into our home – a breed known for its patience, warmth, and friendliness. But little did we know how much this little bundle of joy would change our lives for the better. Fulfillment and love were brought into our home, and now, through our breeding program, we want to help other families enjoy this as well.

We have five dogs that live with us at home, and we couldn’t imagine life without them. They’re just as important as our children, and we include them in all family activities, from sleeping to boat rides. They’re incredibly friendly pets, and they helped us overcome many tough moments. All our other Frenchies are safely cared for in guardian homes with our family and close friends. This way, we know for sure that they are being pampered and receive all the love they deserve.